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BB Guns and Safety

Although BB guns are often marketed as the perfect toy for a young, growing boy, BB guns are not toys! Yes, you can have fun with a BB gun, but this does not qualify it as a toy.In fact, it is very important that any potential BB-gun shooter, young or old, understands this concept: BB guns are not toys. Many people think that BB guns are virtually harmless, but if used improperly, a person can be seriously injured ? or even killed -- by a BB gun.

Some statistics show that at least 4 people are killed in the United States each year, because of the misuse of BB guns or pellet guns.Also, people often use BB-guns on animals ? to scare cats out of the yard, etc. Many people do not realize that a BB can actually injure or kill an animal.

Many of us are told that shooting a neighbor's pet with a BB-gun is alright, that the cat will receive nothing more than a bruise. Sometimes this is, indeed, true. But it is also possible that the BB can penetrate the skin, injuring or killing the cat immediately, or making room for future infection.And do not forget about the potential for property damage! You do not want to have to deal with your neighbors knocking on your door, complaining about broken windows or other such problems.

This is not to say that BB guns do not have their place in a healthy society. In fact, a BB gun is a great gun for a child to start out with ? it is certainly safer than other guns. The important thing is, though, that before anyone uses or even touches a BB gun or any other gun, he or she needs to understand basic gun safety.So, if you are buying a BB gun for yourself, be sure to research them first and read up on gun safety. If you are buying one for a child, make sure that you explain to him or her the dangers of guns and how to properly handle them.

If you do not feel comfortable explaining gun safety, it is possible to find a local club, like Boy Scouts or a 4-H club or even the NRA that will teach your child all about gun safety and responsibility. Here are some examples of safety rules that anyone using a BB gun should adhere to:.· High velocity BB guns should only be used by persons that are 16 years of age or older.

· Do not carry your gun while you are jumping, climbing fences or trees, etc.· Do not take a cocked or loaded BB gun into any public place, your home, or your car.· Do not shoot at a hard surface, flat surface, or even at the water. These surfaces can cause a BB to ricochet.

Be aware of the possibility of a bullet ricocheting, even when you are shooting at a target ? tilt the target so that the surface is not directly facing you.· Set up your target where there is something to stop your BB or pellet if you miss (like a hill, bag of wood chips, etc.) Make sure that there is no possibility of a person walking buy or a bullet hitting property, etc.· Wear shooting goggles or glasses.· Go to a shooting range when you are first learning.· Keep your gun clean and working properly.

· Always check to ensure that the gun is not loaded. You can check by pointing the weapon in a safe direction (away from people, animals, property, flat surfaces, etc.) and pull the trigger.

· Do not reuse ammo!.Remember: even though a BB gun is not a toy, you can still have fun with it, as long as you are safe.

.Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, safety issues, and home decor.

Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on guns and safety please visit BB Guns.

By: Anne Clarke


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