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Fernando Alonso and the Canadian Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso won last Sunday his 4th consecutive race giving him the conquest of the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix. For Alonso who runs for Renault was an easy victory since he started from the pole and only had a brief challenge from the Finn Kimi Raikkonen at the beginning of the race but Alonso held off Raikkonen's attempt to pass him in the 12th lap. Alonso's final margin of victory was only 2.1 seconds

Raikkonen had problems in the pits while changing the right rear tire during his first stop and during the installation of his McLaren on another. He was then passed by Schumacher with one lap to go.

The seven-time winner on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher wasn't really a rival to Alonso since Schumacher drove his car off the track once, brushed the wall several times and cut across the curve on the final turn several times to take him out of contention. He had failed to finish three of his previous four races at this event, including last year but this time he took advantage of Kimi Raikkonen's mistake on a hairpin turn on the next-top-last lap and took a second place.

Raikkonen's McLaren Mercedes ended third, Giancarlo Fisichella's Renault was fourth and Felipe Massa's Ferrari was fifth.

The dirty, slippery track didn't stop Fernando Alonso's persistent ride toward a second straight Formula One Championship.

Apparently the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve needs a new surface. Many pilots affirmed that the track got worst as the race progressed and that going off the racing line was like driving on a skating rink.

This is Alonso's sixth win of the season, which gives him advantage of 25 points with ten races to go in the World Championship standings on his way to next week's U.S. Grand Prix.

This is Alonso's 15th consecutive podium finish (top three), four podiums away from Schumacher's record.

Next week, the Formula One moves to Indianapolis, and it is expected that it will make up for last year's mess in which only six cars raced after those that use Michelin tires pulled out over safety concerns.

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