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FIFA and the Regional Confederations

Soccer is organised on a world scale. At the topmost point of the pyramid - the global administrating body is FIFA (International Football Association) - which is based in Switzerland.

Beneath FIFA come the Confederations - the bodies responsible for world regions - and beneath the Confederations come the National Associations.

The National Associations then breakdown their countries into national, regional and local areas.

Check out the links below to get a picture of the world-wide soccer family.

World Government - FIFA
Federation Internationale de Football Association (to give FIFA it's proper name) is the world body. The large website is sometimes overpowering -there is so much detail - but regular visits are obligatory for any dedicated fan.

Europe - UEFA
What's going on in European Soccer? Find it here! Multi-lingual site.

Central and North America including Caribbean - CONCACAF
Good newsy site.

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