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Free Basketball Picks Jan Phoenix Suns Versus Sacramento Kings

Best Game of the Day.Lakers @ Kings: Remember when this was a collection of all-stars and just a great game to watch? Today, there will be no Chris Webber and no Shaquille O'Neal. To top it off these two are on the bottom of the division, a complete turn around from just 3 years ago. Both teams' downfalls will be their lack of developing rookies. What prospects did either team have that they didn't trade away? Without solid young players developed in the organization, both teams are muddled in a rebuilding period and this game is pretty much a fight for the #8 seed instead of a fight for the #1 seed. Predicted Score: LA Lakers win in a very tight one 103-100.

Runner-Up.Pistons @ Knicks: The Knicks are clicking with a 6-game winning streak. Detroit may not win 70, but they have to be commended for their play so far this season.

Sweeping their two games with the San Antonio Spurs only solidifies their place in the NBA. New York has to rely on defense to win. Their chances aren't good in this game.

Even at home, Larry Brown and company are going to struggle against the mighty Detroit Pistons. Predicted Score: Detroit wins in absolutely dominating fashion 94-78.

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By: David Pincus


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