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On an overcast but fine New York morning, Ashrita Furman, who has set more Guinness world records than anyone on the planet, accomplished a remarkable feat - he set 3 new records in less than an hour! Using a one-mile course on the Brooklyn promenade, he hoola-hooped the distance in 12:15 - Old record 14:25. Moments later, he then ran one mile balancing a raw egg on a spoon in a time of 7:47 - Old record 10:15. Then he set a new record for pogo juggling with a time of 24:48. These 3 records are Ashrita's 115th, 116th, and 117th Guinness World Records.Ashrita's 3 world records were seen by a variety of passers by. These included school children who gave excited vociferous support, a selection of journalists and a couple of bemused local residents trying to work out why somebody was juggling 3 balls on a pogo stick.

Since his three record endeavour in May, Ashrita has passed the 120 world records mark and is the holder of the most current standing records - 40 at the moment - and counting! Ashrita is attempting to break as many records as possible to honour the 75th birthday of his meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy in August - who he credits with giving him the inspiration to attempt these records."Sri Chinmoy is the embodiment of self-transcendence," Ashrita says. "Self-transcendence is the art of going beyond ones limitations and exploring what is possible by looking within oneself and discovering the inner strengths that we all have.

The reason that I do these records is to show people that anything is possible. I'm not special - everybody has the capacity to do something amazing if they can only find their inner strength. Sri Chinmoy has taught me to meditate - a key activity in discovering these qualities.

He has also taught me by example what self-transcendence really is and has been a tremendous role model. For that reason, I am dedicating these records to him.".Ashrita also suggested he has many more potential records up his sleeve. He is always looking to find new records and often likes to break them in exotic records. Ashrita says he is drawn to records that are a little bit different (one could say wacky) because it makes people happy to see someone attempt unusual feats.

Amongst Ashrita's other records there include the fastest mile whilst balancing a milk bottle on his head. Most games of hopscotch in an hour and most grapes caught in the mouth within a minute. Ashrita is currently 47 years old and when not breaking records works in a health food store in Queens, New York.

.Richard is an economics teacher in Oxford and is a member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

He organises running races in the Summer months and is an active cyclist.Video available of Ashrita's successful records at Sri Chinmoy TV.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Richard Pettinger


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