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Hitting a Homer with Discount Softball Bats

When shopping for discount softball bats, follow the coaches' rules. They know what's best for their players. We're talking world-class softball players here, not the weekend warriors on the diamond with a cooler of beer and sandwiches. So we're talking world-class coaches.The first step is to head your local superstore of sporting goods.

Even if you plan to buy online, where you can find some of the best deals, take the time to visit a brick and mortar store first. It's essential to find a sporting goods store that will let you test different bats. That way, you can literally feel which bat works for you. Sure, you can use online reviews to help you narrow down which bats you want to test, but never rely on these reviews alone.

They are based on the reviewers on personal feel for the bat.Once you have a bat in your grip, the first thing you want to look for is length. Standing with your arms straight down to your side, check where the knob of the bat is. It should be lined up with the crease between your wrist and your hand. You probably need a longer bat if the knob is at your palm level.

You need a shorter bat if the knob is at your forearm. Just because you're looking to buy discount softball bats does not you should sacrifice comfort, your skill level, or your chance for improvement.Then get a feel for the weight of the bat. Remember, it should feel like the heaviest hunk of wood that you can swing without losing swing speed or swing mechanics, or knocking yourself out. It may be a matter of ounces.Once you have a bat selected, make note of it and race home to surf to your favorite discount softball bats vendor online.

Then you can be assured that the bat that comes in the mail will be perfect to up your game.

.Mike Long is the successful web publisher of Baseball-SuperGuide.com providing valuable tips, advice, and info about a multitude of relevant topics including baseball bats.

By: Mike Long


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