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Irony in Ski Country

Snow .The time has come to start a season,. To heal a mad-dash Autumn's lesions.The sun spent earth resists the flakes -. Insistent notes like music makes.

The thirsty ground a pillowcase.Sharp winds elicit blustery sighs. As inch by inch the Autumn dies -. Replaced by comfort mountains high.The sleeping earth will gather strength.

As nature waits for Springtime's pranks.Every happily married couple understand each other's philosophy on life. But there Is a limit to how far this understanding can stretch.

After ten years of marriage, George and Bonnie worked and played together in an ideal relationship.Every year they looked forward to spending three weeks skiing in the mountains. This time, due to a faulty rented ski binding, Bonnie crashed into a tree and broke her leg in two places. Of course, the insurance paid for her operation and the expected long stint in the hospital.Two weeks later, Bonnie lay there in her hospital bed, still in pain, but slowly recuperating, when George walked in with some flowers.

"My, don't you look fashionable today!" praised Bonnie. George was fitted out in new boots, expensive ski pants and the latest version of the high tech down parka.Modestly and with a twinkle in his eye, he said, "Thanks, your pain money came.


.Retired portrait photographer. Comments welcome.

By: Kenneth C. Hoffman


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