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For so many years now, golf equipment has definitely developed in terms of elegance and the right tactics. From golf balls to the more complex golf items, it has gradually become a complete big industry out there. Since its inception, back in the 15th century in Scotland, golf has intricately fabricated itself in the social market as the sport of the leaders and the privileged entrepreneurs. No wonder why most of the bosses and the managers find time to conduct tournaments and matches in spite of their busy schedules.

In fact, in the United States, golf is informally acclaimed as the sport of the "business world". There are many instances wherein most of the decisive moments of the board meetings have been carried out during golf matches and games. For this reason, golf experts contend that because golf reflects the elegance and classiness of the business world, it is best to use only excellent equipment in the game. That's why golf clubs appear like the majestic millionaire's cane that has been elegantly crafted for the chic sport. However, in order to obtain the best golf equipment in the world, one has to use hefty amounts of money because these babies have very steep prices.

Nevertheless, golf equipment is still the most important thing in a golfer; hence, it is just important to pay close attention to them. Golf clubs Next to the crowns of kings and queens, golf clubs are said to be one of the most elegant and valuable pieces the sports world has ever known. It reflects the sophistication that golf has long been known for. Generally, golfers carry several types of golf clubs in a game. The rules of golf allow a golfer to carry up to a maximum of 14 clubs. This may depend on the type of move they are going to play.

Golf clubs are categorized into four key types: irons, woods, putters, and the hybrid woods. 1. Irons Irons are usually used when shorter shots are required or when the play involves shots that are moving towards the greens. The sizes of irons usually range from 36 inches to 40 inches long. The iron heads are characterized by hard and even "clubface".

Basically, irons are used for detailed shots from rough as well as from the fairways. 2. Woods Woods are typically long and are usually used in long shots, usually those shots that run from 200 to 300 yards.

It is characterized by its shaft length that range from 40 inches to 46 inches, or longer like the "Black Rock's Killer Bee," which has a shaft length of 50 inches. As it's name suggests, woods are originally made from maple or persimmon wood. However, as time goes by and as golf develops, contemporary club heads are now made up of hollow titanium or steel. 3.

Hybrid woods Hybrids are innovative types of woods that blend the "straight hitting" feature of irons and the "low center of gravity" attributes of woods with higher lofts. Hybrids are typically used for long shots in a challenging rough area. Players who have difficulty in generating a "ball airborne" when using long irons use hybrid woods instead. 4.

Putters Putters are generally characterized with very low shafts, which are also short sometimes. This type of club is usually used to play the golf ball on the greens. However, there are instances wherein players use them especially when they are playing from the hazards or for a few "approach shots" on the course that have compactly trimmed extremes and fairways. Golf Balls Golf balls are the celebrities of the game.

This is because without golf balls, the concept of golf is totally vague and useless. According to the "Rules of Golf", golf balls should weigh 45.93 grams or less; have a diameter of 42.

67 mm or less; and should be symmetrically sphere-shaped. The complexity of golf balls is based on its transitional period of changes and innovations. This is because the physics of golf balls are based on the materials used. The details of how the ball was created and the materials used greatly affect the historical development of golf.

From wooden golf balls to contemporary golf balls, each invention has contributed to the development of golf. Today, golf balls are more effective in terms of its physical performance, unlike before. Contemporary golf balls have 300 to 450 dimples. These dimples are the primary characteristics that make the balls fly high in the air. Other Equipment There are still many kinds of golf equipment and not just clubs and balls alone.

In golf, the right kinds of clothes are also required. Included in a golfer's get up are the special kinds of shoes known for its spikes that are fastened to the soles. Golfers also use special gloves because this will help them on gripping the clubs. Then there are the golf carts, which are used to transport golfers from one hole to another, and the tees, which are used to support the golf ball during tee shots.

Indeed, golf equipment is relatively a mixture of classiness and pure sportsmanship. And every player's move is dependent on the kind of golf equipment he uses. That's why it is extremely important to consider the vital factors when choosing golf equipment.


By: Edwin Shackleford


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