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Over Ten Reasons Why You Should Do The Ironman Triathlon

1) Just preparing for it by dieting properly and training could well put you in the best physical condition of your life.

2) By improving yourself, you do a wonderful thing for your family and all those close to you.

3) In the eyes of those same people, you will be a role model, a hero and an inspiration.

4) You will give your life new meaning.

As a 14 time Ironman(my last at 55), I guarantee it.

5) You will most likely learn new skills you previously knew nothing about. Just learning how to swim is a huge bonus and could one day save your life or the life of someone imporant to you.

6) In the course of your training and the race experience itself, you will meet some truly remarkable people.

7) You can combine your Ironman race with a holiday and take the family. Most important of all, they will be there to cheer you on and share in your incredible achievement. Its one of those situations where everyone wins.

8) For the first time, you will learn what you are truly capable of on a physical, emotional and even spiritual level. You will amaze yourself and be a better person for the total experience.

9) You will discover there are few challenges the human spirit cannot overcome and the strength within all of us just has to be given an opportunity to show itself.

10) Finish this race and you will forever have the title Ironman in front of your name. That can never be taken away from you and everytime you hear the word you will be reminded of what a remarkable journey it was and how taking up the challenge was the best decision of your life. Though many people in your circle may doubt you and wonder what on earth you are doing, don't let anyone deter you from reaching this remarkable goal.

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My name is Ray and I'm a veteran of over 25 years of endurances events including 14 Ironman Triathlons. I've created a site called "IRONSTRUCK" that is full of training and racing tips for the beginner triathlete and Novice Ironman.

triathlon-ironman-myfirstironman-ironstruck.com. .

By: Ray Fauteux -


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