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Selecting the Best Clothes for Hiking

When preparing for a hike you will have to customize your wardrobe to accommodate the conditions you are going to be dealing with. Clothes to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The better prepared you are for your hike the more enjoyable your experience is going to be.

You should make sure to avoid clothes that are going to be uncomfortable in during an active day of hiking. You should also take the time to choose your hiking boots carefully. Your clothes and your hiking boots are going to be the two most important factors in enjoying your hike.When choosing your clothes you should avoid cotton at all costs. As you sweat cotton clothes absorb the sweat and dry incredible slowly.

Cotton clothes will absorb your sweat and hold the moisture next to your skin. There are breathable clothing lines out on the market that are designed to pull moisture away from your body and dry quickly. Lycra clothing and any type of swimming shorts are good choices as they dry fairly quickly.

Dark clothing dries faster so if you sweat heavily you might want to stay in this color range. However the lighter the color of your clothes the less attracted bugs are going to be. You should make sure to research the area you are going to be hiking in to decide which strategy works better for you.If you are hiking in cold weather make sure to layer your clothes. You are going to need a layer close to your skin that is pulling the sweat away from your skin. Again avoid cotton because it will hold the moisture next to your skin and will pull heat away from your body.

You should have a layer over that to keep you warm and a layer to repel water from the outside. Make sure to wear clean clothes and bring several changes of socks.

.For more information about hiking please visit Go Hiking for all of your hiking needs.

By: Brian Johansson


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