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Someone Please Tell The NCAA This is the st Century

The NCAA has a rule designed to keep student athletes from switching schools after they receive a scholarship. The rule states that if an Athlete switches schools he must not play sports his first year with his new school. Unfortunately many athletes will not be able to play sports in 2005-2006 because they attend school in the Hurricane Katrina Disaster relief area.Colleges all over the country are stepping up and offering admission to students from the hurricane Katrina Disaster area.

Many of these colleges are admitting these students free of charge, if they already paid tuition at one of the Gulf Coast Colleges.The NCAA needs to rethink the 1 year ineligibility rule for these Gulf Coast Student Athletes. It is not the fault of the athlete that their school cannot provide the education services in the wake of one of the worst disasters in world history.When most Americans are reaching out to help the Hurricane Katrina Victims, why does the NCAA have to victimize the student athletes further, While it is understandable that the NCCA doesn't want to cause a mass exodus of athletes from these schools, it will happen anyway. What choice do the athletes have, Transfer and sit out of athletics for a year or sit out of athletics and education indefinitely while their school rebuild. Clearly the majority of athletes will transfer and take the 1 year penalty, what real choice do they have?.

Why Can't the NCCA create a special status of visiting student athlete good until a Students Athletes home school is ready to resume their athletic program? A visiting student athlete would be able to play at it's host school under a special gulf coast visitor status until their school was ready to resume academic and athletic programs. When heir home school was ready to resume activities they would return to their home school as a student athlete in good standing. If they choose to stay at the host school after this then the 1 year ineligibility rule could come into play.


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