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The Benefits of Magnetic Chess Sets

Magnetic chess sets are a truly innovative idea. They use magnetic fields to secure the chess pieces to the board during play, insuring that the pieces will not move. Magnetic chess sets are perfect for travelers and anyone who wants to play on the go.

Since the pieces and board are magnetic, people are able to use these sets in moving vehicles or during airplane flights. Sometimes the magnetic fields are so strong that people can turn the board upside down and the pieces still won't fall off or shift.Magnetic chess sets come in a variety of sizes.

Some of them are as small as a checkbook, while others have boards that measure a square foot. Any size is good for travel, even the square foot models are still very small by chess set standards. Another feature of magnetic chess sets is that most of them allow for the pieces to be stored inside the board. The chessboard opens to its full size during play but often has a large storage compartment between the two halves to stow the pieces when they are not in use. Most sets also have hinges and latches to secure the board and keep it closed when the pieces are contained within.There are a variety of pieces used with magnetic chess sets.

Some of the smallest sets have plastic boards with tiny two-dimensional plastic pieces. These pieces have a picture of what they are on the top. For example, the knight would feature a picture of a horse. These are usually the smallest magnetic chess sets available.

Other magnetic chess sets are made with high quality rosewood or boxwood pieces. These sets have the same artistic look of high quality collector's sets with the added functionality of the magnetic field, making them great to look at and great to play with. The chessboards of these sets are often made of high quality wood as well.Magnetic chess sets are a unique and innovative way for people to play chess on the move.


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By: Thomas Morva


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