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Why The Average Golfer Struggles

As a golf instructor, I see the frustrations of students trying to improve their game. Most are frustrated by the slow pace of improvement. Most golfers that I come in contact with play an average of once a week during the season. The golf season here in Pittsburgh is from April to September, which is only six months. Think about how many times you really get to play, considering holidays, rain days, and family days. Everybody has a different playing schedule, and I understand that working and tending to your family takes up considerable time.

The fact remains that your improvement as a golfer is in direct proportion to the amount of time that you put into the game. Finding time to practice is important if you want to play better golf. The first thing needed on the way to improvement is to take a lesson and learn the fundamentals of a good swing. Practicing the wrong swing obviously causes bad habits that are difficult to break. once you take a lesson, it is your job to practice what you learned.

Most of my students do not practice enough. The game of golf requires a lot of time as does any sport or hobby if you want a good outcome. If you feel you are practicing a lot and not getting any better, it is time for a lesson. It is likely you are practicing the wrong thing.

My advice is to practice a variety of clubs in your bag. You should spend equal amounts of time practicing your weaknesses, not your strengths. Always take a practice swing, concentrate on only two or three swing thoughts.

Then try to duplicate the same swing with the ball. In other words, the ball should just get in the way of your swing. I believe that practicing two or three times a week for at least one hour is necessary to see serious improvement.

It is also important to continue practicing throughout the off-season in order to maintain what you have learned. Progress from the previous summer will be lost for you the next season without some practice in the winter to preserve muscle memory. (Scally's Golf Center is open year round and has individual heaters for the cold weather.

) In conclusion: Practice, practice, practice will help your game become less or a struggle .

By: Phil Scally Jr


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