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Getting a Grip on Softball Fastpitch Gloves - Softball fastpitch gloves are now made to specially cater to the sport as never before since softball leagues have gained in number nationwide.

Someone Please Tell The NCAA This is the st Century - The NCAA has a rule designed to keep student athletes from switching schools after they receive a scholarship.

Self Defense And Street Fight Psychology - Let's speak about the psychological aspect of a street collision.

Gymnastics Summer Camp Yes or No - Support Your Local Gym First, make sure you are fully participating and paying for the summer program in your own gym.

A Look At How Boat Lifts Work And The Different Types - Boat lifts are used to lift the boat and store the boat above the water surface.

NCAA Weekly Dish - NCAA Weekly Dish - 02/18/06 With the college basketball season in full swing, Matt Fargo takes a look at three big games on tap that you cannot miss this Saturday.

Know Your Equipment Beat Your Opponent With The Right Stuff - For so many years now, golf equipment has definitely developed in terms of elegance and the right tactics.

Sports Massage PreEvent - Massage before an event can be an integral component of the pre-event preparation for many athletes.

Why The Average Golfer Struggles - As a golf instructor, I see the frustrations of students trying to improve their game.

Whitewater Rafting Forges Bonds Stronger than the Rapids - Colorado River Rafting is a Trip.

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